In conversation with Karen Walker

Our readers would like to know your inspiration (or story, if any) behind Ricky’s Funeral is Thursday.

While ordering birthday flowers online, I wandered through the sympathy selection and thought about what might be ordered and why in a complicated situation such as the death of an ex-boyfriend. 

Tell us more about your creative process in general.

I enjoy writing prompts and challenges. Ricky’s Funeral is Thursday became a “hermit crab” thanks to a task set by my terrific writing group SmokeLong Fitness.

Do you have any creative influences? What do you like the most about their work? Does it have a discernible effect on your writing?

My creative influences include Sara Hills, Kathy Fish, Meg Pokrass, Sherrie Flick, Sage Tyrtle, Barbara Diggs, Dawn Miller, Francine Witte, and Kik Lodge. Many more, too. They make me want to write. 

Are there any creative genres, forms, themes, techniques etc. you wish you could employ in your writing which you haven’t yet?

I’ll try everything and anything. Would like to start writing stories longer than the classic flash length.   

What are you looking forward to in your creative career?

To having fun. At heart, I’m a “pantser” (as in fly-by-the-seat-of-my).   

Karen writes short in a low basement with a tall man and a tall dog. They offer support, bring food. She/her. 

X (formerly Twitter): @MeKawalker883