Fiction | Issue 2 (October 2023)

Ricky’s Funeral is Thursday

Karen Walker

I’m sending a Flowers 4Ever Sorrowful Heart: A beautiful floral tribute to love (he was, with me) at a difficult time (a guilty time; I broke up with him the night before he died), celebrating the impact (drove off Highway 36) the departed had on your life. This heart-shaped (for a while, he was the one) design features a poignant red blaze (a blood splatter when he punched the wall, when I told him we were over) through the arrangement. Pearly white carnations, rich red (once bought me fading yellow on sale) roses, and delicate baby’s breath (I can’t be pregnant, can’t be, can’t be). Sorrowful Heart is available in 24”H x 26”W or 36”x 42”. (Mum thinks I should send the bigger size, will pay the $329.99, but won’t say if she liked Ricky).

I’m sending Ricky’s mother (met her once) a Flowers 4Ever Memories Succulent Dish Garden: Family and friends will know they are remembered (she banged on my apartment door, yelled “Ricky, you here?” wearing his t-shirt, I said he wasn’t) with this lovely cacti collection (she was prickly, and so was I). It requires little care or watering (she did: Ricky was her only, was a big mama’s boy). Please note this garden is not pet or child (or grandchild...) friendly: spines, toxicity. Includes six small succulents, a 16” china dish, and dedication card (what am I gonna write?). 

Add a final touch (should I?) to any arrangement with a satinette funeral ribbon. The ribbon (there were no long skid marks, no signs that he had braked as he went off the highway) is available in ten colours. Personalize with text in one of five colours and fonts, with all capitals (he talked like that) or all lower-case letters (cried in his sleep). Compose a message (I, I don’t know) or select from this list of traditional sentiments: (I’ll decide how I feel and order one) May you rest in peace, With sincere condolences, Farewell, We will miss you, Thank you for your love, You will live on in our memory, Thank you for the time together.

Karen writes short in a low basement with a tall man and a tall dog. They offer support, bring food. She/her. 

Twitter: @MeKawalker883