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‘Lament’, ‘Kiss Me Goodbye’, and ‘Soap Bubbles’

Hiram Larew


Oh Caution, you are such a sucker —

Try saying Wait 

Hold on a minute

When all the day starts sinking or sobbing 

Or the compass goes from North to South

Without warning

And here’s the thing

All of your thinking twice

Or every drop of Maybe so but maybe not

And every chicken left uncounted before it hatches

They are all worrisome tricks

Yes Caution you are a sap —

There is nothing you do that comes close to

A smack in the face

Or a hard-news shock

So why not throw yourself to the wind 

Like wise fools do

Larew reads ‘Lament’.


If we had to throw things overboard some night

In an emergency

To save ourselves

What would we pitch? 

We’d probably toss flip flops first

Because they don’t know beans

About treading water

And next to go would be 

Houseplants or rockers —

Those kinds of things can’t help us float

Eventually if the situation got bad

We might start sacrificing family treasures 

Such as anything monogrammed or gilded 

Or tissue wrapped —

As important as keepsakes are

They can’t hold our breath

And finally

We’d pitch everything else over in a fit  

Of panic

Even this plate of pasta

Because any chance of surviving 

Will cost at least triple as much 

As it did 

Larew reads ‘Kiss Me Goodbye’.


What I truly know is this —

All of my book learning and street smarts

wouldn’t fill a tooth

In fact when the least little wisdom is called for

I’m overflowingly clueless

A dumbo

Most of the time

I just float along as if inside a soap bubble

Blowing from here to there

Up in the air unaware

For example if I thought I ever knew history 

I don’t

And if I’ve ever understood anyone at all

then they’ve not been born yet

And if I foolishly hoped to wow the world with brilliance

well where’s the light bulb dodo

All I understand sort of 

Are weeds

But even they dammit

Cocky as they are

Grow up to outsmart me

Larew reads ‘Soap Bubbles’.

Hiram Larew is the founder of Poetry X Hunger: Bringing a World of Poets to the Anti-Hunger Cause. Larew's poems appear in recent issues of ZiN Daily, The Iowa Review, Poetry Scotland's Gallus and West Trade Review.  His most recent collection is Patchy Ways (CyberWit, 2023).

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