An Unconventional Guide to Happiness — Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla’s Healing Elixir

Akil Contractor

Angel Therapy is not a widely known spiritual healing method, as it involves working with one’s guardian angels and archangels directly, and not necessarily through practitioners. A taboo subject for many because of widespread disbelief and also because many would associate this with a particular religion, the guidelines in Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla’s Healing Elixir are clear to follow and attempt to seek happiness through healing aided by angels and their divine intervention to resolve human infirmities. 

The book claims that everyone has guardian angels and connecting with them helps create peace in our lives. The angels, it says, can guide in issues of finance, relationships, health, and in investigating the purpose of life. Chawla maintains that angels are willing to intervene in our everyday lives if we seek help; they do not impose on our free will. They are right here for us and we only have to ask for help.  

The subject can be an eye-opener for many who are already seeking healing in several areas of life and may have tried other solutions such as yoga, meditation, chanting mantras, flower remedies, crystal magic, magnet therapy etc. 

The subject of numerology stems from a belief in an occult, divine or mystical relationship between numbers and human character traits, and the happenings and events in our lives which are predictable by the numeric values calculated from our names, birth dates and such. The chapter on numerology in the book is basically a primer to get one intrigued and started into further investigation into the subject for self-analysis and also to study and assess others if one has access to their birth dates. The basics of numerology are well-outlined and it will be interesting for the reader to study their own character traits and luck from their birth dates and house number, and also to experiment with the details of their friends and acquaintances. 

The third and final part, covering remedies, illuminates the healing abilities and powers easily available to human beings to work towards positivity, achieve the much-needed balance, and align all conflicting energies within us towards a final harmony and happiness. The moon rituals, the bay leaf ritual, the ritual to remove negativity, the one for love and harmony, the ancestral healing ritual and many others are well-outlined; the book reads like a “how to do it” where one cannot go wrong about the procedure and practice. 

Healing Elixir by Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla makes for a compulsive read, mainly because the writing style and simplicity of language supports the content it seeks to convey. 

Healing Elixir can be purchased here.

Akil Contractor (born, Mumbai 1957), one of the founding members of the Poetry Circle, Mumbai, is the author of Spirit Song (1986), After Kalinga and Other Poems (1986), and Rhyming Verses: Sense and Nonsense (2023). He runs the brand, Print Dynamic, and has been recognised by the Limca Book of Records for his achievements in manufacturing special application printing inks.