Photo by Fady Hany (Pexels)

‘A Photographer at a Royal Indian Wedding’ and ‘Blood Relatives’

Shamik Banerjee


He stuck the camera’s lens into

The dishes—chicken, raita, rice.

The guests, ingesting leisurely,

Were taken by his great surprise.


He got hold of the bride to click

Some pictures of her dress in red,

Gold chain, and shoes. He didn’t spare

Even the hairclip on her head.


The day grows older. I’m afraid

His passion may invoke a plight

If he decides to photograph

The wedded couple’s long first night.


Give them your food; they’ll eat it.

But ask a crumb; they’ll flee.

Give them a task; they’ll meet it

If that includes a fee.


Produce a tear; they’ll like it.

Your tragedies—their joys.

Produce a smile; they’ll strike it.

Your silence—their loud voice.


Avoid their wiles; they’ll shame you

For growing too much pride.

But spurn their ways; they’ll blame you

For taking evil’s side.

Shamik Banerjee is a poet from India. He resides in Assam with his parents. Some of his recent works will appear in York Literary Review, Thimble Lit, and Modern Reformation, to name a few.

Instagram: @where_tales_end