weekly feature guidelines

Submissions that are sent without following submission guidelines will be deleted unread.

submission/reading period


publication schedule

every Sunday



1 piece, under 1000 words

surprise us

travelogues/travel writing/culture essays

1 piece, under 2000 words

along with 1-3 separate high-resolution images (jpg/jpeg/png)

photographs should be your own/credited to the photographer (no stock photos)

find the additional special guidelines in this genre/category below

craft essays

1 piece, under 1500 words

surprise us


author/editor/publisher/literary agent/artist/playwright/screenwriter/filmmaker etc.

1 piece, under 2500 words

along with 1-3 separate high-resolution images (jpg/jpeg/png) of the person being interviewed, including the name of the photographer, if applicable

book reviews

1 piece, under 1000 words

along with separate high-resolution images (jpg/jpeg/png) of the book being reviewed (1 image) and the author of the book (1 image), including the name of the photographer, if applicable

things to keep in mind

contributor bio: yes, under 70 words

contributor photo: yes, we will publish a square black-and-white version

multiple submissions: no, please submit in any one category at a time

resubmissions: not unless requested

sim-subs: yes, just let us know and withdraw if accepted elsewhere, but please don't withdraw after agreeing to be published, and please don't ask us to wait until you hear back from another journal

reprints: no

response time: within a week (often sooner) but please query after a month

submission fees: no

payment: we wish we could


We have a strict policy against plagiarism and work deliberately intended to offend any person or group. Upon receiving such submissions, we reserve the right to ban you permanently from submitting to our magazine.

Our readers are (hopefully) mature adults. Eroticism/sensuality is wonderful, but we will reject pornographic work.

Hit us with experimental themes, and difficult subject matters.

Your work may be political but we don't want to be preached at.

While we love work that brings forth your culture, we don't want religious work intended to proselytize.

travelogues/travel writing/culture essays are to be submitted with the following understanding:

if published, you are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information(s) in your piece

if published, in the event the editors receive formal/informal complaint(s) that your piece is inaccurate or misrepresents any person/place/culture/other things, the editors will notify you, and take it down immediately without owning any responsibility (a copy of the complaint will be furnished on formal request only)

the decision of the editors is final, and if you are to contest the claim(s) of the complainant(s), you will do so without placing any formal/informal blame on The Hooghly Review or its editors

you will reimburse the editors if your actions cause the editors any financial loss by way of court fees/fines/otherwise, failing which the editors can sue you to recover the same

submit via


rights upon acceptance & publication


We ask for First Electronic Publication Rights and credits when your work is republished.

We also ask for Archival Rights on our website indefinitely.

We will nominate for awards, if applicable.