Weekly Features

Submissions sent without following the guidelines will be deleted unread.

Rolling Submissions


What are we looking for?

Our Weekly Features page is a living, breathing ecosystem comprising the liveliest writings from across categories that do not often find a place in the somewhat rigid litmag issue model with its constraints of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry etc. We publish humour (can be prose, poetry, drama, etc.), culture essays (literature, cinema, theatre, music, sports, art, food, and everything else under the sun), travelogues / travel writing, photo essays (should tell a story through the photographs with the written work designed to supplement the photos), craft essays, translations and reviews (of books, films, theatre, music albums). Try us even if you cannot figure out how to categorise your work.

Please read our publication/editorial ethics in the FAQ section and make a note of what we will not consider. For additional insight into our editorial process, read our SQF interview.


What genres do we consider?

We welcome all forms and styles in the below genres.

·        Humour: 1 piece of upto 2000 words with 1-3 photos, if any. If sending poetry, send 3-5 poems.

·        Culture Essay: 1 piece of upto 2000 words with 1-3 photos, if any.

·        Travelogue: 1 piece of upto 2000 words with 1-10 photos, if any.

·        Photo Essay: 1 piece of upto 1500 words with 6-12 photos.

·        Craft Essay: 1 piece of upto 1500 words with 1-3 photos, if any.

·        Review: 1 piece of upto 1000 words with 1-3 photos, if any.

·        Translation: 1 piece of around 2000 words. If sending poetry, send 3-5 poems. Include consent from the author of the original work in your submission email, or mention it if the original work is in the public domain.

All photographs should be your own or credited to the photographer (no stock photos).

For further clarification, please check FAQ, or contact us via email or social media DM.


How and Where to Submit?

Email thehooghlyreview@gmail.com with the subject line: WEEKLY FEATURES — [genre]

Incorrect/incomplete subject line may cause us to misplace your email, leading to a non-response from our end.

Please do not send multiple emails and create more than one email thread regarding the same submission.

Cover Letter Checklist

·        Short and crisp cover letter. ‘Dear Editors’ is fine.

·        No need to introduce/summarise your work unless you want to share relevant info.

·        We don’t require CW/TW but you’re welcome to include them.

·        No contributor bios, please. We will solicit bios and contributor photos upon acceptance.

·        Please mention if it is a simultaneous or exclusive submission.

Submission Format

·        Send us a doc/docx file (no PDFs or Google Docs or any other format, please).

·        Your file name should be Your Name_Genre (eg: Jane Wild_Travelogue).

·        We prefer 12-pt, single-spaced, any readable serif font, no paragraph indents, left-aligned, and references instead of footnotes, if any.

·        Images should be attached as jpg/jpeg/png files.

For further clarification, please check FAQ, or contact us via email or social media DM.



Submission deadline: We are open year-round.

Strictness on Word Limits: We won’t mind you going a little over the word limit.

Sim-subs: Yes, just let us know upon acceptance elsewhere & withdraw. However, if we have accepted and you’ve agreed, please don’t withdraw or request us to replace already accepted work with another work.

Reprints: No unsolicited reprints.

Response Time: Within a month (often sooner, but can vary). Feel free to query after a month has passed.

Submission Fees: No.

Payment: We wish we could.


·        Copyright of the work remains with the contributor.

·        We ask for First Electronic Publication Rights and credits when your work is republished.

·        We also ask for Archival Rights on our website indefinitely.

·        If we ever plan an anthology from the work published in our magazine, we'll request permission from the contributor.

·        We nominate our contributors for awards such as the Pushcart, Best of the Net, Best Microfiction, Best Small Fictions etc.

Our Editorial/Publication Ethics:

·        We have a strict policy against plagiarism and work deliberately intended to offend any person or group. Upon receiving such submissions, we reserve the right to ban you permanently from submitting to our magazine.

·        We’re sure AI is helpful in many ways but this space is about original creativity and so we won’t publish AI-generated work.

·        Our readers are (hopefully) mature adults. Eroticism/sensuality in literature and art is wonderful, but we will reject pornographic work.

·        Hit us with experimental themes, and difficult subject matters. As such, your work may be political but we don’t want to be preached at.

·        While we love work that brings forth your culture, we don’t want religious work intended to proselytize.

·        Travelogues, travel writing, culture & photo essays are to be submitted with the following understanding: you are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information(s) in your piece; in the event we receive formal or informal complaint(s) that your piece is inaccurate or misrepresents any person, place, culture, other things, we will notify you, and if the issue cannot be resolved immediately, we will take it down without owning any responsibility (we will not disclose the complainant unless we are legally required to). The editorial decision will be final.

For further clarification, please contact us via email or social media DM.


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