submission guidelines

The creator of the work must be under 18 years of age. Either a parent / legal guardian should be copied in the submission email, or the submission should be sent by a parent / legal guardian on their ward's behalf. In either case, the parent / legal guardian must mention their ward's age and provide their consent allowing us to publish the work(s) if accepted. 

submission/reading period


publication schedule

January (tentative)


prose: any number of pieces not exceeding 2500 words in total 

poetry: 1-6 poems of under 50 lines each 

prose poetry: 1-6 prose poems of max 300 words each 

art, cartoons & photography: 1-10 pieces 

comics / graphic narratives: 1-5 pieces not exceeding 15 pages in total 

other stuff: surprise us! 

things to keep in mind

cover letter: short and crisp

contributor bios & photos: keep the bio within 70 words and send us your coolest pic with it. it is okay if the parent/guardian wants to use a pseudonym for their ward and no bio/photo

multiple submissions: sure

resubmissions: not unless requested

sim-subs: yes, just let us know upon acceptance elsewhere & withdraw

reprints: if you have the reprint rights and are willing to credit the venue where your work first appeared

response time: within a month (often sooner, but can vary)

submission fees: no

payment: gratitude and promotion for now

send to with the subject: Wee Hooghly [the child's name]

please paste your submission in the email body and/or attach a document 

no paragraph indents required if pasted in email body 

rights upon acceptance & publication


We ask for First Electronic Publication Rights and credits when your work is republished.

We also ask for Archival Rights on our website indefinitely. Additionally, our issues will be PDFs and Flipbooks, so it will not be possible for us to unpublish your work for any reason whatsoever.

We will, however, be able to retract work via announcement if we are legally required to. Additionally, there will be suo motu retraction on our part in case we discover plagiarised content or someone, whether the original creator or someone else, brings it to our notice.

If we ever plan an anthology from the work published in our magazine, we'll request permission from the contributor.