regular issue guidelines

Submissions that are sent without following submission guidelines will be deleted unread.

submission/reading period


for the April Issue, we start reading from January 1

for the October Issue, we start reading from July 1

we close submissions in individual categories as soon as we have accepted enough pieces, announcements on the same are made exclusively on our Twitter: @HooghlyReview

publication schedule

we're bi-annual with issues on April 15 and October 15

kind of work we're looking for

We want your bittersweet wins and the losses you're thankful for. Show us hope. Give us a glimpse of your faith and your spirituality. Tell us why you live. Tell us of the things that keep you sane. We want your dreams. Comfort us. Embrace us. Assure us we're not alone. Shine a light on forgotten places and things. Give us your nostalgia. Make us laugh. Break our hearts. Remind us to breathe. Remind us to love. 

We want the things that keep you up at night. Tell us why you're scared of yourself. Smack us in the face. Make us wince. Horrify us. Give us your insanity. Scream. Rebel. Be weird. Share your darkness. Tell us of your addictions. Show us your transgressions, your blasphemy. Give us misery. Give us satire. Cast us into your hell.



1-3 pieces of 200-500 words each, or 1 piece of 500-2500 words

novel excerpts can be sent, provided they work as standalone pieces

we won't mind you going a little over the word limit. it is the quality of the work that should speak to us

short plays/short film scripts

1 piece of upto 2500 words

no limits on the number of acts/scenes, please mention if the play has been performed/short film produced


1-6 pieces of under 50 lines each; for prose poems, upto 300 words per piece

all forms and styles of poetry are acceptable (except haiga, please see below)

if submitting visual poetry/shape poetry/etc., please submit as jpg/jpeg/png

if you're a songwriter and the lyrics of your song qualify as poetry, you may submit it, provided it has already been performed live/recorded and released, and please provide the details of the same

art/photographs/haiga/photo essays

1-10 pieces

artist statement required for art/photography/photo essays

art includes cartoons, artist statement required if piece(s) not self-explanatory

artist statement not mandatory for haiga

if submitting a collection, please name it

dimensions no bar, we will require high-resolution versions upon acceptance

short comics/graphic narratives

1-3 pieces

no artist statement required

preference for single-page pieces but please keep it under 5 pages

dimensions no bar, we will require high-resolution versions upon acceptance

essays on literature

1 piece

around 2000 words

things to keep in mind

cover letter: yes; short and crisp

contributor bios & photos: no, we'll solicit upon acceptance

multiple submissions: no, please submit in any one category at a time

resubmissions: not unless requested

sim-subs: yes, just let us know upon acceptance elsewhere & withdraw

reprints: no unsolicited reprints

response time: within a month (often sooner, but can vary)

submission fees: no

payment: we wish we could

other stuff:

We have a strict policy against plagiarism and work deliberately intended to offend any person or group. Upon receiving such submissions, we reserve the right to ban you permanently from submitting to our magazine.

Our readers are (hopefully) mature adults. Eroticism/sensuality in literature and art is wonderful, but we will reject pornographic work.

Hit us with experimental themes, and difficult subject matters.

Your work may be political but we don't want to be preached at.

While we love work that brings forth your culture, we don't want religious work intended to proselytize.

send to with the subject [genre] SUBMISSION - [your name]

please paste your submission in the email body

no paragraph indents required

Submission emails must mention that the work being submitted is the author's original creation and is previously unpublished. Exceptions apply only for translations (please provide publication details of the original work along with the original writer's consent, unless the work appears in the public domain) and solicited reprints (no unsolicited reprints, please). 

Please note that submissions without the above undertaking will not be considered.

rights upon acceptance & publication


We ask for First Electronic Publication Rights and credits when your work is republished.

We also ask for Archival Rights on our website indefinitely. Additionally, our issues will be PDFs and Flipbooks, so it will not be possible for us to unpublish your work for any reason whatsoever.

We will, however, be able to retract work via announcement if we are legally required to. Additionally, there will be suo motu retraction on our part in case we discover plagiarised content or someone, whether the original creator or someone else, brings it to our notice.

If we ever plan an anthology from the work published in our magazine, we'll request permission from the contributor.

We nominate our contributors for awards such as the Pushcart, Best of the Net, Best Microfiction, etc.