In conversation with Achi Mishra

Our readers would like to know your inspiration (or story, if any) behind Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are just so many terrible things happening in the world constantly. It’s hard for me to comprehend how that could be if a hands-on, benevolent God exists. This piece was written to make God relatable. A hot mess. The world is falling apart because she is and she’s falling apart because humans suck (#notallhumans). 

Tell us more about your creative process in general.

I’m not sure I have one. The closest thing I can think of is being part of a writing community. People who inspire you and hold you accountable and are genuinely excited to hear your next piece!

Do you have any creative influences? What do you like the most about their work? Does it have a discernible effect on your writing?

I love Fredrik Backman’s work. His novels are perfection, especially A Man Called Ove. I’m always amazed at how he can add beauty to everyday things, and on the next page, he can break your heart in the best way. I’m also in awe of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. Her sentences are exciting and original and her work doesn’t shy away from the tough topics while maintaining this dry, dark humor. I really look up to her work.

Are there any creative genres, forms, themes, techniques etc. you wish you could employ in your writing which you haven’t yet?

I’ve been toying around more with magical realism lately and would like to stick with it.

What are you looking forward to in your creative career?

I’ve spent a good chunk of time worrying about writing “seriously” and I’m just trying not to do that anymore. I’m writing what feels fun and good and makes me excited to come back to my computer and click-clack away some more. I’m looking forward to keeping this up and writing for myself and a handful of my friends. If others like my work along the way, then that will be the cherry on top!

Achi Mishra currently lives in California and is obsessed with reading and writing anything odd. 

Instagram: @kinda_writes

Twitter: @achi_writes